Legendary Turkish Maritime Heritage

As you cruise through the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean, you often encounter graceful wooden vessels known as gulets. Traditional gulets have been an integral part of Turkish maritime culture for thousands of years. With their rich history and unique designs, traditional gulets are not just vessels, but vibrant symbols of our maritime heritage.

Gulets are typically wooden vessels resembling a wide deck and sailboat. Traditionally, these ships were used by fishermen and sailors in the Aegean and Mediterranean for fishing and trade. However, today gulets are predominantly chosen for luxurious and leisurely sea vacations.

A traditional gulet often boasts masterful wooden craftsmanship, a spacious deck, and comfortable living quarters. Historically, gulets are known to be sailing vessels powered by the wind. However, many modern gulets can also be propelled by motor power, offering more flexibility and comfort.

Gulet holidays offer a unique experience along Turkey's magnificent coastlines. You can explore ancient city ruins, take swimming breaks in secluded bays, and indulge in delicious Turkish cuisine. Additionally, with the comfort and luxury offered by traditional gulets, you can enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

In conclusion, traditional gulets are an important part of Turkish maritime heritage and have been a significant symbol of our maritime culture over the years. With their legendary designs and memorable sea vacations, gulets continue to provide a dream-like experience for those sailing the waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean.

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