Privacy Policy uses cookies to help us recognize and remember you… from auto-loading the booking form to providing a page cache that is relevant to you. Please read our Statement of Cookies.’s Privacy Policy sets out what information we collect, how we collect it, and what we do with it. Our Privacy Policy applies to you and is available on our website and through other channels. In all your dealings with us, you must ensure that others you represent are aware of the content of our Privacy Policy and consent to your acting on their behalf.


Your Information

This refers to a combination of information such as your name, contact details, travel preferences and special needs/disabilities/dietary requirements that you supply us or is supplied to us, including your social preferences, interests and activities and any information about other persons you represent (such as those on your booking). Your information is collected when you request information from us, contact us (and vice versa), make a booking, use our website(s)/apps, link to or from our website(s)/apps, connect with us via social media and any other engagement we or our business partners have with you.

We will update your information whenever we can to keep it current, accurate and complete.

Our use of your Information 

For the purpose of providing you with our services, including your flight, holiday, security, incident/accident management or insurance, etc., we may disclose and process your information outside the Turkey. In order for you to travel abroad, it may be mandatory (as required by government authorities at the point(s) of departure and destination) to disclose and process your information for immigration, border control, security and anti-terrorism purposes, or any other purposes which they determine appropriate. Some countries will only permit travel if you provide your advance passenger data (The US secure flight data). These requirements may differ depending on your destination, and you are advised to check. Even if not mandatory, we may exercise our discretion to assist where appropriate.

We may collect and process your information for the purposes set out below and in our registration with the Office of the Information Commissioner and disclose the same to our group companies for business purposes and also to companies and our service providers who act as “data processors” on our behalf, or to credit and fraud agencies (some of whom are located outside the Turkey). These purposes include administration, service, quality and improvement-related activities, customer care, product innovation and choice, business management, operation and efficiencies, re-organization/structuring/sale of our business (or group companies), risk assessment/management, security, fraud and crime prevention/detection, monitoring, research and analysis, social media, reviews, advertising and marketing, loyalty programmers, profiling customer purchasing preferences, activities and trends, dispute resolution/litigation, credit checking and debt collection.

Information (such as health or religion) may be considered “sensitive personal data” under the Data Protection Act 1998. We collect it to provide you with our services, cater to your needs or act in your interest, and we are only prepared to accept sensitive personal data on the condition that we have your positive consent. By booking with us, you also agree for your insurers, their agents, and medical staff to exchange relevant information and sensitive personal data with us in circumstances where they/we need to act on your behalf or in the interest of passengers or an emergency.

If you do not agree to Our use of Your information above, we cannot engage/do business with you or accept your booking.

Marketing material 

Provided that you have given us your consent to do so, using your information, we may from time to time contact you with or make available to you (directly or indirectly) information on offers of goods and services, brochures, new products, forthcoming events or competitions from our holiday divisions. In our marketing material, we may occasionally also include information about selected business partners that provide outdoor clothing products, equipment, and related travel services. We will tailor the information you receive or see; this will enable us to make available to you more personalized and relevant communications. We may use innovative technologies and work with business partners to achieve this. We will assume you agree to email when you make an e-booking or provide us with your email in other situations such as competitions, promotions, prize draws and social media. However, we will always give you the opportunity to opt out when you provide your details, and you can always subsequently unsubscribe from our emails (see ‘Your Rights’ below). If you do not wish to receive such information or would like to change your preference, please refer to point (2) of “Your Rights” below.

Your rights 

On completing our Data Subject Access Request form, you are entitled to a copy of the information we hold about you (for a £10 fee) and to correct any inaccuracies. You have the right to ask in writing not to receive direct marketing material from us. If available, you can amend your previous preference on our website(s), use our “unsubscribe email,” opt-out of personalized emails or refer to our literature containing instructions. Once properly notified by you, we will take steps to stop using your information in this way. For a list of relevant brands, please send us your request. Posting your images on our website

You have the option to upload your holiday images on to our website once you have opened a ‘My Account’ account. Who sees your photos is determined by the settings you select in your ‘My SAILNSTAY.COM’ account. You may choose to send an email to your ‘Friends’ including a link to your photo album(s) saved in you are ‘My Account’ account. To enable this link to be forwarded to your friends you will need to supply an email address to your friend(s). SAILNSTAY will not use the friend’s email address supplied for marketing purposes. When you choose to share your online images with Friends, those individuals will be able to view your album. Please note, as, with any email, your friends could forward the email invitation to others, who will then be able to click on the link to the album within the email, and see the pictures too. You may choose to ‘Share your album with everyone’ and thereby publish your album on the SAILNSTAY Website by assigning it a 3-character tripcode. Your album will then be displayed in the Images section for that trip and will potentially be visible to anyone that visits the Website. SAILNSTAY employees or employees of partner companies that provide services to SAILNSTAY may see your photos even if they are not published on the Website as a result of carrying out maintenance on the Website or correcting problems with your account.

Foreign controls 

Outside the European Economic Area (EEA), data protection controls may not be as strong as the legal requirements in this country.

Use Of Tools/”Cookies” And Links To Other Websites If our contact and dealing with you is via our website(s) or other e-platforms where our advertising is displayed, cookies may be used. To find out more about the types of cookies on our website(s), how we use cookies, to disable them or to change your preference and more, please refer to the information provided on our website(s). Other e-platforms may have different options and instructions. By using our website(s), you consent to our use of cookies.

Our website(s) may contain links to third party websites or micro-sites not controlled or owned by us. For example, reference sites or ancillary products and services sites or websites owned by our sister companies. It is your responsibility to check the status of these sites before using them. Please read their applicable terms and conditions, etc. carefully.


To ensure that we carry out your instructions accurately, improve our service and for security and fraud, we may review, monitor and/or record: (1) telephone calls; (2) activities using CCTV in and around our premises; (3) transactions and activities at all points of contact; and (4) web, social media and app traffic, activities, etc. All recordings and derivative materials are and shall remain our sole property.

Security Statement We have taken all reasonable steps and have in place appropriate security measures to protect your information. Changes To This Policy

Any changes to this Policy will be either posted on our website, brochure and made available on request.


By using our website, you agree to our Website Terms & Conditions. Take a look at our Privacy Policy to find our more on how we collect and use personal data. When you visit our websites, we use cookies. Cookies allow us to identify the computer or device you are using to access our websites – but we cannot identify you personally. You can set up your web browser to refuse cookies, but this means you will not be able to book on our website or use all of its features.

What we use cookies for 

Storing what’s in your shopping basket: This allows you to buy holidays with us. Collecting information: This means we can learn more about how you use our website so we can improve our products and online experience. Tailoring your experience: Cookies allow us to provide you with information, products, and services that we think you will find interesting. Making our marketing relevant: We can show you relevant offers and promotions on our websites and through our advertising networks. Email newsletters: If you receive our email updates, we tailor the information we send you based on the data our cookies have collected from your recent visits to our website. You can opt-out of this in any email we send.

Types of cookies we use

Here are the types of cookies our websites use and some more details about what they are used for: Application cookies

These cookies allow us to make sure you get the best possible experience on our website. They are essential for you to be able to search and buy online with us.

These cookies are used serve relevant navigational links as you move around our site. Without it, some parts of the site navigation will not work correctly

Behavioral cookies 

Behavioral Cookies help us provide you with an online experience that’s tailored to your needs. They help us show you the most relevant content, based on your preferences. Visual Website Optimizer

We are constantly working to optimize our website for customers so that you view what’s most relevant to you. These cookies are used to power our testing tool that allows us to show different versions of the same page to different visitors, so we can assess which page layout is best. Analytical cookies

These cookies help us understand how our customers are using the website, so we can make things better. We also monitor which of our marketing activities generates traffic to our websites using cookies. We use this data to reward our partners if you make a booking with us. Google Analytic

_utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz

These cookies enable the function of Google Analytic software. This helps us take and analyze visitor information such as browser usage, new visitor numbers and response to marketing activity. The information helps us to improve the website and your browsing experience and to make our marketing campaigns relevant. The data stored by these cookies can be seen only by the relevant teams at and Google and never shows any confidential information. Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies can be used by us and our partners. They allow us to interact with you once you have left our website – by showing you adverts for example – to help you find the holiday that’s right for you.

Search engine – Google, Bing etc. 

The cookies used for search engines allow us to monitor and enhance the performance of marketing activity. The data collected is anonymous and only used internally. Third Party Advertising Networks (Display Advertising)

These cookies provide us with information to monitor the performance of specially selected marketers, advertisers, and publishers and help better serve and manage offers and ads across the web.

These cookies provide us with information to monitor the performance of specially selected marketers, advertisers, and publishers and help better serve and manage offers and ads across the web.

By using our websites, you agree with us using cookies as set out in our Statement on Cookies.


Read through this section for all you need to know what cookies are and how we use them.

What are cookies? 

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by our partners or us. They let us identify the device you are using – but not you personally. This information is sent back to our systems as you move around our website.

Cookies are unique to the web browser you are using – so if you are using a desktop computer as well as a mobile, different data will be collected for each.

You can find more information on the About Cookies website

Cookies can be set by the owner of the website you are on. These are known as 1st Party Cookies. There are also 3rd Party Cookies that can be set by partner websites. Only the owner of the cookie can see the anonymous information it collects You can choose to accept all cookies, reject 3rd Party Cookies or reject all cookies by changing your internet browser settings. If you do not accept cookies, some features of our website will not work. For example, you will not be able to make a booking.

How we use cookies 

We may use cookies to find out more about how you use our website – like the searches you make and your preferences. We use this information to:

Make it possible for you to use our website

Show you information and offers that are relevant to you.

Find out more about how our customers use the site

Buying our products online 

When you are buying something on our website, we need to use cookies to keep track of what you are booking as you move through each stage of the booking process.

Keeping track of your searches and preferences Your recent searches and shortlisted holidays are recorded using cookies.

If you have searched for a holiday, left our website and then you come back later, the search panel will keep the information you provided before, so you will not need to fill everything in again.

If you have made a shortlist but you have not saved it by entering your email address, we will store your shortlisted holidays using a cookie, so you will be able to see it when you revisit us using the same computer or device. Improving your experience

We use cookies and software programs to record, measure and analyses how our customers use our website. We use this information to understand what you want from our website, which helps us when we are considering future products like flight routes and holidays. We can also find out how you move around our website, so we can look into any errors stopping you from being able to do what you want. The data we collect from cookies is critical for us to improve your experience.

Making your experience personal 

When you are on our website, we might interact with you or show you personalized information and offers anonymously. Cookies help us to do this by letting us know how you are using our website on your particular computer or device, which means we can work out what’s most relevant to you.

For example, we have got more than one million holidays available at any time, but we can use cookies to suggest things like holidays from your nearest airport, destinations you have shown interest in, or products you might like.

Receive our email newsletters? We link information from cookies with your email registration details so we can tailor the information we send you – unless you tell us not to. You will be given a chance to opt-out of every email we send you.

Adverts on other websites 

If you visit one of our partner sites, you might see an advert that’s relevant to what you searched for when you last visited our site. We work with advertising networks who use cookies to collect information on your preferences, meaning we can show adverts tailored to you. Refusing cookies and changing your mind after you have accepted.

Refusing cookies 

You can change your browser settings to accept or refuse all cookies, choose which cookies you want or don’t want, or ask to be notified when a cookie is set. Use the help feature in your browser to see how. Changing your mind after you have accepted our cookies

If you change your mind after you have accepted our cookies, you will find an option within your internet browser to clear cookies that have already been set. Use the help feature in your browser to see how. You will then need to change your browser settings to refuse cookies in future.

More details on how to refuse cookies

Take a look at the websites of Internet Advertising Bureau for independent information on cookies – including how to refuse or delete them from your computer or device.

So that you know, you will not be able to benefit from all the features of our website and email newsletters or book online with us if you refuse cookies.

Information from our agencies and partners 

Google Analytics  




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