Kemer Kekova Kemer

Kemer Kekova Kemer

7 Nights 8 Days


Kemer Kekova Kemer Route Info

Embark on an unforgettable sea journey with the Kemer-Kekova-Kemer boat tour, offering not only breathtaking views of the Mediterranean but also a captivating experience with its historical richness. Departing from Kemer, you'll navigate along the ancient Lycian coast, enjoying unique coves and the enchanting blue waters. The mysterious atmosphere of the ancient ruins of Simena and the submerged city of Kekova will allow you to trace the footsteps of the past. Accompanied by a delicious lunch, you'll savor the crystal-clear waters, making the Kemer-Kekova-Kemer boat tour a day filled with unforgettable memories.

  • Kemer

  • Included

Shared Cabins
  • No

  • 7 Nights, 8 Days

Starting Days
  • Saturday

  • Included

  • Kemer Harbour

  • Kemer

  • Clasic Gulet Cruise

Tour Plan
  • Day 1: Kemer

    Boarding will commence after 4:00 PM either from Kemer Marina or from a nearby bay. The service will begin with dinner, followed by overnight stay.

  • Day 2: Olympos

    After breakfast, you'll receive information about the cruise itinerary and the boat. We'll then set sail for the ancient city of Olympos. Olympos, a significant port city of Lycia, has been intertwined with mythological tales throughout history. It was once a haven for pirates due to its strategic location, but today it's renowned worldwide for its historical significance, breathtaking 3,200-meter-long coastline, endemic flora, and charming wooden houses now used as guesthouses. After lunch and a refreshing swim, we'll make our way to Adrasan Çavus Bay for dinner and an overnight stay.

  • Day 3: Demre

    In the early morning, we'll embark on our journey to Demre. After enjoying a hearty breakfast in Çayağzı, you'll have the option to join the optional tour (additional cost) to explore the ruins of Myra, an ancient Lycian city that was also home to the bishop St. Nicholas, known as the protector of children, the poor, and sailors during the Byzantine era, as well as Demre and Andriake. After this optional land tour, our yacht will sail to Gökkaya Bay, where we'll anchor for dinner and an overnight stay.

  • Day 4: Üçağız

    After breakfast, we'll sail over to the Sunken City, known as Batık Şehir. We'll then dock at Tersane Bay for lunch and a refreshing swim. For dinner and overnight, we'll anchor at Üçağız Bay. If you're interested, you can opt to join the optional (extra) Kaş - Saklıkent excursion, which includes lunch in the program.

  • Day 5: Simena Castle

    After enjoying breakfast in Üçağız, we'll cruise to Simena. Here, you'll have the opportunity to explore the Genoese Castle and the ruins of a theater with a capacity of 300 people. Dinner and overnight accommodation will be in Kekova.

  • Day 6: Porto Genoese or Sazak Bay

    We will kick off our cruise early in the morning, reaching Ceneviz (Genoese) Harbour or Sazak Bay. Following lunch, we'll drop anchor at Phaselis Bay. Founded as a colony of the Rhodesians in the 7th century B.C., Phaselis boasts three distinct bays, with its inhabitants traditionally relying on the sea for their livelihood. The city was renowned for its perfume trade in ancient times. If you'd like, you can explore the antique town located along the seashore, adorned with ancient ruins. Dinner and overnight accommodation will be in this picturesque bay.

  • Day 7: Alacasu Bay - Kemer Harbour

    Following breakfast, we'll sail towards Alacasu or Ayışığı Bay. Dinner and overnight accommodation will be provided either at Kemer Marina or in a nearby bay.

  • Day 8: The End

    After breakfast, guests will depart from the boat, taking with them cherished memories.

  • Important Information
    Important Information
         Please find more details and information on your cabin charter below.

    - A classic Turkish wooden gulet is provided for this cabin charter. 
    - Yachts are determined on your arrival. Gulet cannot be predetermined or guaranteed at the time of booking.
    - All our yachts have yacht insurance. 
    - We advise all travelers to take out their travel insurance.


    - Mix Age Travellers - 3/4/7 day options
    - Mix Age Traveller with A/C - 3/4/7 day options
    - 18-39's Young Adults with A/C - 4/7 day options (only Saturday departures)

    A\C or NON-A\C

    - We operate Gulets A/C or non-A/C; there is a price difference for A/C gulets.
    - A/C Gulet daily usage limit is 4-6 hours.
    - You can sleep under the stars on decks of non-A/C gulets. In Gulet cruises, most people sleep on deck, and few sleep in cabins.


    - Drinking water is included on this cruise.
    - Gullets are included WIFI, but we can't guarantee reception in some places.
    - Meals are included for the duration of your cruise. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 5 o'clock tea. 
    - Port and marina fees, taxes, and fuel are all included in your cabin charter package price.
    - Linen and bath towels are provided on this cabin charter. 


    - On this charter, drinks are not provided in your cabin charter package, and you cannot bring your drinks. All drinks are sold on board. A bar tab is set up for the week. All bar tabs are paid after your cruise by cash only.
    - Beach towel isn't provided on this cabin charter. Please note that you must bring along your beach towel, or you can buy a lungi from the ports.
    - Entrance fees and optional activities are not included in the cabin charter package price(Paragliding, Diving, Water sports, Land transfers, etc.)


    - All cabins have private bathrooms & and a shower.
    - The allocation of cabins is done on-site. All gulets and cabin layouts are different, and cabins are not predetermined.
    - On these cruises, you may be roomed in a twin, double, triple, or quad cabin, depending on your group breakdown. If you are a couple, please notify us beforehand & we will arrange a double private cabin for couples. Individuals are all shared in a twin or triple room mixed gender (we will always try to match same-sex first).
    - Single supplement cabins are available at an extra cost for individual travelers who do not want to be assigned with another passenger. All cabins have private bathrooms with toilets and show restrictions
    Children of 6 and under are not allowed on this cabin cruise. Ages 7 years and over are welcome. There is no children's discount available. Kids will share their parent/guardian's cabin.

    Bringing your drinks is not allowed on this cruise

    - Your cabin charter is a non-guided tour. No local guide on board provides information on the sites and locations.
    - All efforts will be made to follow this itinerary; however, in cases of poor weather and sea conditions, this schedule may change. This could include altered daily plans and overnight stops. In these situations, all efforts will be made to consult customers on alternative options, and no money will be refunded. 

    Pickups and Meeting Point 

    Departing from Fethiye:There is no Hotel pick-up available. You will receive the meeting point details on your e-ticket. 
    Departing from Kas: There is no Hotel pick-up available. You will receive the meeting point details on your e-ticket. 
    Departing from Olympos: Pick-up is available from Olympos Hotels. Pick-up is not provided from Cirali or Antalya. 
    Departing from Demre: The meeting is at noon at the Demre Bus station. 

    Transfers are available for an additional cost, don't hesitate to contact us if you want to book transfers. 

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